Gaming for beginners


Growing number of people are playing video games and, gaming has grown to almost cult status. If you aren’t a gamer yet, should you take it up? Is it worth your time?

Here’s a quick-guide to help you decide and go about it.

Gaming might be good for you, as games have been shown to improve hand-eye coordination, cognitive flexibility, decision making, even vision and have actually encouraged socializing with the gaming community worldwide.

Popular Devices:

1, Smartphones/tablets: Pretty much every smartphone and tablet available in the market is a good bet to play games. Level of gaming would of course depend on the capacities of the device. You can find the latest smartphones and tablets in

Games: They can be bought from the App stores.

2, PCs: They can deliver the most advanced gaming experience. Find the finest PCs here in

Games: Can be bought from Digital Shops and online stores like Steam.

3, Consoles: They are good alternatives to the PC. They are cheaper and are game specialists, you can play games straight out of the box. It is simpler to get started. PlayStation and Xbox are the most popular consoles. Find the latest gaming consoles and games here in

Games: They can be bought from digitals stores and online stores.

You can add accessories to add improve your spice up your experience. Some of the popular accessories include; gaming keyboards and mice, controllers, headsets, wheels and joysticks.


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