How to Purchase a Car in Dubai


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The process for buying a car in Dubai is fairly straight forward. A new vehicle is obviously more expensive than a second hand one but you won’t have to deal with vehicle testing for two years, nor will you have to worry about the legitimacy of the sale. Vehicles can be purchased new or used from a car dealer or through private sale. Unless you are a cash buyer, you will need to meet the requirements for auto finance through one of the UAE banks. 

If you purchase from a dealer they will assist you with this procedure. If the vehicle is second hand, it is recommended that you have it tested. It is also recommended to check with the Dubai Traffic Police to confirm that that the vehicle is neither stolen nor has any liens or fines attached to it. You can obtain financing if necessary (at a bank or with the dealer). After you have purchased the vehicle, you will need to insure it and register it with the Dubai Traffic Police. It is likely the above procedures will be completed for you if you purchase the vehicle directly from a dealer.

Key Tips:
Cash for purchase, Or if financing you will need to bring:
• Passport (original and copy).
• Residence permit (original and copy).
• Driving license (original and copy).
• Bank statements for the past 3 months showing a salary transfer.
• Salary certificate from your employer.

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