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March is a great time for travel. While popular destinations in Europe and the west shake off tourist hibernation, it is still pre-peak season, so you get the best of both worlds. In destinations across Asia, the temperatures start rising, just in time for you to plan a quick trip as low season rolls in.

These destinations, recommended by Lonely Planet, are all relatively cheaper to go during March. Use our budget tips to save even more. Also read our related stories for travel hacks. All flight costs are round-trip, unless mentioned otherwise.

Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

Where: Antigua is a Caribbean island, making one half of the nation, Antigua and Barbuda. The main attractions here are sandy beaches and coral reefs surrounding the entire island. March brings balmy climes and very few tourists.

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Trip best for: Solo or couple (great for family too, but flight costs will add on)

Budget Tip: Book your flight direct from Dubai to New York first, and then directly onward to Antigua to reduce your flight cost to Dh4,000 per person. Searching for flights from Dubai to Antigua and back as one booking could cost you upwards of Dh7,000 per person.

Flight cost per person Dh4,000 per person (Dubai to New York to Antigua; one-stop) 

Madhya Pradesh, India

Where: The ‘heart of India’ can play host to your Jungle Book dreams of meeting Sher Khan. Tiger viewing in reserves are generally hard to come by but March might be your best bet, owing to thinning plants during the time. Try Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench or Panna Tiger Reserves. Also try to visit temples in Khajuraho for some of the world’s finest sculptures and art.

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Trip best for: Friends, family, couples, solo

Budget tip: Use Oyo rooms to find cheap rooms and home-stays, however check out the area before deciding to stay. Use public transport such as buses and trains while Ola is your best bet if travelling in a rickshaw and taxi.

Flight cost per person From Dh1,500 (one-stop)

Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Where: Go to this city in Sri Lanka for your culture fix. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this city is believed to be the centre of the Theravada tradition of Buddhism. Apart from seeing relics and monasteries that are thousands of years old, you could take walks around artificial water tanks built in the B.C era.

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Trip best for: Friends, family, couples, solo

Budget tip: This city should ideally be part of a bigger trip to Sri Lanka as the journey from Colombo can take up to four hours by road.

Flight cost per person Dh1,000 onwards (non-stop)

Myeik, Myanmar

Where: A largely undiscovered archipelago, Myeik or Mergui is a treasure trove for wildlife (tigers and elephants), marine life, architecture, and most importantly for their unique people. Moken, who inhabit islands in the archipelago don’t exceed 3000 in population. These people, also known as sea gypsies, live a life in and around the sea. They have mastered the art of free diving, and have better underwater visual focus and lung capacity than most humans.

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Trip best for: Friends, family, couples, solo

Budget tip: Instead of booking island tours online (these are expensive), find a local tour operator or guide. This could either be arranged through the hotel where you stay at or through recommendations on online forums.

Flight cost per person From Dh2,700 (Dubai to Yangon, Myanmar non-stop) Dh1,400 onwards (multiple stops)

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Where: A world heritage site, Halong Bay is almost other-worldly in its beauty. A group of scattered islands, jagged limestone pillars and picturesque caves or grottoes are what make up this bay.

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Trip best for: Friends, family, couples, solo

Budget tip: Halong Bay is known for its overnight cruises and experiencing this is a must. However, instead of going for a luxury overnight cruise, choose a mid-range option that could cost you anywhere from Dh350 to Dh500. This means decent stay options, but additional perks such as kayaking stops, knowledgeable guides and a better all-round experiences

Flight cost per person Dh1500 per person (with one stop)

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