Nissan Patrol – UAE’s Favorite, lovable biggie

Nissan Patrol: Featured under "The cars we love"


Every time you are out on the streets of UAE it is very likely that you will spot a few Nissan Patrols around. They are much loved and an overwhelming favorite among the residents here. A glance at the Dubai Pulse website would tell you that Nissan Patrol is often the model that has the highest number of registrations per month.

So what makes them so beloved? Nissan Patrol is a premium SUV which doesn’t burn a hole in your finances like some of the other premium SUVs do, starting at 199,900AED according to Nissan Dubai website.

They can handle any terrain

And are very spacious

What’s not to like?!

Then there’s also the champion who is carrying the Nissan Patrol badge for the 5th generation, the Nissan Patrol Safari, another extremely adored car in the UAE with a very loyal fan following. You still see them conquering the roads and dunes of UAE.

Watching these majestic creatures cruise along the roads of UAE is favourite childhood memory.

All pictures are copyright properties of Nissan.


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