How to get a job in UAE :)


1, Make sure you have a killer CV

Without a doubt, your CV is your most important tool in job hunting. It says a lot of things about you, quite literally, and otherwise. In an extremely competitive job market like that of Dubai’s recruiters get bombarded with CVs. Their attention span is limited and you need to make the most of the few seconds that you get. Checkout CV writing tips online and the most of it.

2, Apply online is an excellent place to find opportunities and to see the trends in the market. With new jobs being posted every day, it is a favorite among job-seekers.

3. Consider a recruiter

Do NOT work with a recruiter who asks money from you. Recruiters are hired by companies and are paid by them, so anyone asking for money could be a scammer. Some of the well-known recruiters include: BAC Middle East, Robbert Murray, Jivaro Partners, ESP InternationalMCG & Associates 

4, Network, network and then network some more.

It is no secret that recruiters hire on recommendations. There are many advantages to it for the recruiter. So ask around talk to your friends, friends of your friends and just about everyone. Do not be shy, we all have done it and may do it again. Networking events and online communities work equally well.

5, Your online presence

Many recruiters check your social media and your online presence, the same way they reach out to your referral contacts. Make sure that you come across as a desirable, well-rounded candidate and that what you want to be private, really is.

6, Patience & Perseverance

You may have a friend who landed a dream offer 5 days after landing in Dubai, but it doesn’t happen with everyone. We have an extremely competitive job market with a lot of eligible job seekers. Sometimes we just have to grit it out.

7, Do not apply to jobs you are not qualified for

If you apply to every job that’s posted, in hopes of landing something by luck, it may end up hurting your chances with the right opportunity. Many prominent recruiters use Application Tracking Systems and it’s not difficult to see the candidate’s application history. You may come across as lacking focus or worse.

Best of luck!

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