Best Holiday Destinations to Visit from the UAE


If you’re living in the UAE, you’re lucky; you won’t be lost for holiday destinations not too far from the UAE. In fact, there are several exotic and beautiful holiday destinations only a few hours flight from the UAE. These destinations are easy on your mind and on your wallet. Here are several truly amazing countries to which you can travel within a limited budget. Once you start exploring your travel options, you’ll be amazed at just how many more destinations you can find close by, that won’t cost you an arm and leg to get to.

  1. Egypt

Since all of Africa is open to those who live in the UAE, we hope you consider Egypt for your next trip out. Egypt is the very cradle of civilization, and the mother of the Nile. Cairo is definitely one of the most magical cities in the world. The distance from Dubai to Cairo is barely 4 hours. Round trip tickets can be as cheap as AED 1100 per person. If you’re tired of Dubai’s glitz and glamour, take a trip to Egypt and bask in its ancient culture, its incredible architecture and of course, the pyramids. The colorful folk, the incredible food, and the bustling marketplaces will make your Egypt trip truly memorable. Egypt is one of the top vacation destinations for culture vultures.

  1. Morocco

Morocco is home to the incredible and magnificent Sahara Desert. While UAE tourists are quite accustomed to the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sahara Desert offers a totally different experience. It’s raw and powerful, magnificent and simply mind-blowingly enormous. Enjoy the Moroccan souqs, food markets, the tiny quirky lanes, the hovel bakeries and the unique atmosphere of this ancient city. Round trip tickets per person cost about AED2200 and the flight time is about 8 hours from Dubai. If you’re into atmospheric places, Morocco is one of the best places to go on holiday.

  1. Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan offers a wide variety of interesting landscapes and climate zones. It’s a popular holiday destination for nearby countries during winter, owing to its excellent ski slopes. Azerbaijan is flanked by Georgia on the north-west, so if you’re so minded, you can make a joint trip to cover both the countries in one go. Again, a round trip to Azerbaijan shouldn’t cost more than AED 1,350 per person. Visa on arrival facility is available for UAE residents. However, people who hold UAE residence visas will have to apply for an e-visa via the Azerbaijan consulate in the UAE. So visit Azerbaijan when you have family holidays next.

  1. India

India is culturally rich, and the political scenario is varied and intriguing. You’ll fall in love with this incredibly colorful country, with its colorful clothing, jewelry, festivals, music, religious ethos, great food and multiple languages. India has much to offer from every aspect. Plan your trip to cover all the major cities – Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Look up discount flight rates from airlines such as Spicejet, indigo and Air India Express. A round trip ticket to India shouldn’t cost more than AED 1,500. If you’re a UAE residence visa holder or a UAE citizen, you can apply online for a tourist visa for 30 days, just 4 days before your planned departure.

  1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a drop-shaped country that’s nestled in the Indian Ocean dead south of India’s shores. The capital city, Colombo, is an incredible destination, both culturally and historically rich. There are several excellent museums, amazing architecture, devastatingly-lovely beaches and temples. The city reflects both its recent colonial history and the age-old traditions that every Sri Lankan holds dear. There are abundant attractions all over Colombo and the rest of Sri Lanka. If you’re into water sports and scuba diving, you couldn’t choose a better destination. Again, round trip prices per person shouldn’t be more than AED 1,500. UAE citizens and residence visa holders can apply online for a 30-day tourist visa, which can be extended upon payment later.  Sri Lanka is one of the best places to visit especially if you’re a foodie.

  1. Armenia

Armenia is located near Georgia, protected by the amazing Caucasus Mountains. Armenia is just a few hours by flight from the city of Dubai. Owing to their lush landscape, cool history and amazing architecture and ancient monuments, both Armenia and Georgia are hugely popular destinations from the UAE. With the delicious food, the vibrant history, the ancient culture, the musical language and the beautiful Caucasus Mountains, you will never be bored for an instant in Armenia. A round trip to Armenia or Georgia shouldn’t cost more than AED 1000 at the most. Both Armenia and Georgia are best vacation spots to enjoy during summer.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is the perfect place for water sports and beach lovers. Thailand has some of the best beach in the world. If you love eastern cultures, love music, fabulous costumes, ethnic customs and incredible food, then Thailand should be a default destination. Apply for your Thailand Visa soon and travel to this incredibly beautiful country. A round trip ticket to Thailand costs about AED 1165.

  1. Russia

A trip to Russia offers a major boost of culture and politics. Moscow is Europe’s largest city, and forms a political, cultural and scientific center-point for eastern European countries. Moscow’s fantastic architecture and intriguing history will keep you wanting to explore more of this amazing city. Again, Russia is an amazing budget trip from the UAE. A round trip flight cost for one person shouldn’t exceed AED 1,500. Look for cheaper tourist packages during the summer season, when it is possible to tour Russia without freezing. You will need to apply for a tourist visa, which will take about 15 days to come through. Winter is not the right time to travel to Russia, unless you’re used to intense cold. Russia is one of the top places to travel to, especially during summer.

  1. Kenya

Dubai is located conveniently close to Africa, making African travel a clear possibility, budget and time wise. Kenya and Ethiopia are popular destinations from the UAE. Round trip tickets per person shouldn’t be more than AED 1100 from the UAE to Kenya. It’s barely a 6 hour flight, and you’ll experience the thrill of discovering Africa’s charms, especially East African culture and history.

  1. Georgia

Georgia is a remarkably beautiful country, surrounded by the majestic Caucasus range. The tall ice-tipped mountains are incredibly beautiful, as are the vineyards, the historical architecture and the many quirky towns and villages. Georgia is a treat to the eyes and to the soul. The capital city, Tbilisi is a haven for culture vultures. Georgia is full of old historical churches and palaces and monuments that are a treat to the eye. Georgia is located close to the UAE – a round trip should cost no more than AED 1,350 per person. What’s more, UAE residence visa holders and citizens can travel to Georgia without a visa requirement, for 90 days. Georgia is one of the best holiday destinations to explore from the UAE.


With so many wonderful destinations within a few hours of home, you’ll be spoilt for choice when planning your trip. Visit one of the destinations every time you get a break, and soon you’ll want to check out what other countries lie nearby!


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