7 ways you are spoiling your car unknowingly in UAE


This is a repost of the article of the same name on carnity.com

Here is the list of very simple tips that every car owner should know to take care of his/her car in the UAE: Don’t start and go: As soon as you start the car, wait for rpm to drop to idle rpm (600-800 rpm) from 15-30 seconds in a newer car and 30-60 seconds in an older car before driving it off. This will help the car to circulate all fluids to necessary place in engine, gearbox, steering and brake boosters. Driving it immediately will starve some critical component for few seconds and may cause damage in the long run.   Don’t block the driver: While parking cars in the tight spot, leave more space on the driver side than on the passenger side. In parallel parking, move vehicle little front or back to avoid hitting side view mirror while opening. This will save a lot of scratches and bumps on both the cars.   Don’t drive on underinflated tires: Learn to check your tires with visual look every day and inflate them to owners manual tire pressure asap. When tire pressure is down, then the bottom tread of the tire is very less visible and worth a stop and checking. Most tires when underinflated screech while turning on cemented flooring like in building parking, fuel station etc.. So if you are not used to hearing screeching while turning then that can be the very first signal of low tire pressure. If in doubt, simply inflate to 30-32 psi in general for most of the cars in UAE.   Don’t hit the curb: While parking once your car hit the curb, move little away from the curb because leaving the car with tire hitting the curb will damage tire over time and may result in unusual bulge, cuts or leak resulting in wobbling ride.   Don’t ignore the leaks: Learn to check for leaks visually. Every day when you walk towards your car just have a look under the car engine and sides to have any wet marking or oil drops or pool of oil. Minor few drops or stains are acceptable to some extent if they are occasional, but regular drops or pool of oil or any other fluid require an immediate check. Clearwater dripping when the car is on – AC condensation – nothing to worry Clearwater droplet coming out from exhaust – it’s a good sign of healthy engine Front side underneath – golden or brown oil = Engine Oil leaking – Immediate check needed Front side underneath – green or red water-based fluid = Engine Coolant leaking – Immediate check needed Under front driver or passenger side – red or brown oil = Gear Oil leaking – Immediate check needed   Don’t drive with weak brakes: When you hear screeching noise while braking then it is an indication that gets your brake pads and/or brake disc replaced. It’s a first telltale sign of worn out braking system and you should not be ignoring it for a long time.   Don’t ignore the warning lights: You should never ignore any fault code light appearing on the dashboard be it for check engine light, SRS, ABS or battery icon. Warning lights in red color are critical ones and yellow are least critical but still, they all are warning light and trying to tell you to check or fix something in the car.


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