3 fold phone design from Nendo: Smart Phones of the the Future?


Latest design concept from Nendo

We have gotten accustomed to how smart phone look. It is a rectangular block with varying degrees of a rounded edge and sometimes a straight edge. The shape is accepted, the norm, everyone associates the smart phone with that shape. It remains unquestioned.

Some of us may remember how Nokia had this array of phones in all kinds of shapes and forms until about a bit over a decade ago. Smartphones by their very nature couldn’t be of different shapes, as the primary aspect of any smart phone is its screen. 

Companies have been trying their best to maximize the display size without increasing the overall size much, the result: Smartphones all are rectangular blocks. The lest attempts were folding phones with double the display size.

Perhaps we will finally be broken out of this monotony. Nendo, the Japanese design firm, has partnered with Oppo to showcase a 3-fold smartphone which can have three display sizes, with each size associated with different functions. When completely unfolded it looks like the normal form factor for any smart phone. Let’s see if it actually gets to production.


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